Hush Little Baby,

Attention ALL moms! Are you ready to hear about a miracle product? Seriously, the inventor/founder Lisa Furuland is a genius! Moms, I’m introducing you to the DockATot!

This sweet little slice of heaven is made in Europe and I would highly recommend to ALL moms! DockATots come in two sizes, Deluxe and Grand. They are designed to be super comfortable and reliable lounging docks for our babes from ages 0-36 months. The Deluxe is usually used for our little ones aged 0-8 months and the Grand 9-36 months.

If it doesn’t get better than that… you can now even order them with accessories!


Moms not only can you bring this beauty anywhere but you can use DockATot’s for supervised tummy time, play time, snuggle time, nap time and even as a changing station. The Grand is great for all this and also for toddlers to rest and is ideal for a safe and easy crib to bed transition. They recommend the Dock only to be used under supervision but 100% of the moms I talk to have their babes sleep in it through the night. And almost all of the moms I know who have the Dock say it was the ONLY way to get their little one to sleep through the night.

Personal experience:¬†gift sent from God! Seriously. So as I mentioned in my previous post my partner travels for work. This meant my babe was co-sleeping with me so I could just roll over to nurse her rather than getting out of bed! (judge all you want, this momma needed some sleep!) When my partner came home for a couple weeks there was no way the three of us were fitting in our bed so cold turkey put her in her Dock and no lie- she slept through the entire night 9 p.m-630 a.m. Still not convincing enough? Now she is 5.5 months old and she will sleep anywhere if I have the Dock with me. Camping, yup! Grandmas, yup! Outside, yup! All I do it put her in it, she gives me a little smile and off to sleep she goes. The most she has ever fussed is 5 minutes and it was more restless than anything. I’m telling you moms- this thing works!

I would highly recommend fitting a Dock into your budget. Prices range depending where you are from. If you are shopping the U.S DockATot website they offer monthly payments. See for all prices! If you are shopping in Canada, you will have to wait to order straight from DockATot. However you can find them on,, and



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Do you have a personal testimony?? Comment below and share your thoughts!!



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