A Quick Glance 🖤

When I found out I was having a girl I was so excited. I had been pinning every nursery design possible on Pinterest. But then again don’t we all?! I am obsessed with florals, but I also LOVE the pastel tones. All I could think was turquoise and peach or big bold florals?!OBVIOUSLY I went with the florals. 🌸

To start I sat down and chose what I wanted my accent wall to be. This was probably the easiest choice of everything because Ellie Cashman is an absolute GENIUS. Ellie is a designer from the Netherlands who has expanded into the USA. According to her story on her website she states that she ‘paints flowers in all their states, with an emphasis on those that break through this threshold from dark to light, from seed to stalk to bud to full, extravagant bloom.’ Ellie starts her process from a light sketch. She then takes a photo with her iPhone and uploads it to Photoshop where she adds in the colours using different shades and strokes. The process of going from a rough pencil sketch to a detailed, finished design takes her approximately 6 months to a year. Upon completion of the design she then starts the next process which involves testing it on different materials and applying it to different products. Currently on Ellie’s website you can purchase scarves, pillows, wallpaper and fabric. Seriously, if you haven’t already you NEED to check her out at www.elliecashmandesign.com AND follow her on instagram!

OK- back to my nursery! The hard part was choosing which one of her designs to use however I ended up going with her Dark Floral Pattern. My nursery is the smallest room in our home and I only ordered it for a single wall so it wasn’t to bad price wise. I ordered 110 inches wide and 96 inches high. It came in 6 separate strips and cost $330.00 (USD) plus duties & taxes so it came to around $550 (CAN). I then took the wallpaper into my local hardware store and matched it with the paint!

For paint my go to paints are Benjamin Moore & SICO. Tip: Paint your trim a shade darker along the same tones as your walls! This makes for a much sharper appearance. You can also paint the inside of the door the same as the trim. This is what I did and I LOVE it. I also painted the dresser in her room the same colour just in-between shades of the walls and the trim. Looks super sharp as you can see in the photos below! My rocker I got from LazBoy and my decor accents are all Kate Spade! Let me know what you think!!



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